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We are an all-round, service provider specialising in pool servicing, maintenance and water treatments, pool equipment repairs, replacements and installations, pool heating, pool renovations and building of new pools and ponds.


In other words, we offer a comprehensive range of services to tackle all your pool needs and challenges in and around the wider northern and western suburbs of Johannesburg.


So, now that you know what we do, let's dive right in - how can we serve you today?


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By owning a swimming pool, you know that regular, ongoing maintenance is the key to enjoying your pool, but sometimes you just don't have the time or know-how. We will keep your pool crystal clear all year round with our thorough 8-step programme AND we will save you money in time, effort and chemicals. 

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So, you are considering building your familiy their own swimming pool? Nothing is more enjoyable than slipping into your very own pool during the hot South African summers and being rewarded with the sound of your children’s delighted giggles. Let us help you build your dream pool!




Perhaps you are a new pool owner or find yourself having to quickly learn how to care for a pool, or perhaps you are considering buying a house with a pool that could possibly be hiding some nasty secrets. We will happily rescue you and show you the ropes or assess your future investment for you.




After years of ongoing pumping, sucking, circulating, filtering and cleaning your pool, parts do eventually give up and need to be repaired or replaced. Fortunately in today’s world this isn’t much of a to-do and can be accomplished quite easily with the right know-how and expertise and quality products.

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When we were young we seemed not to feel the cold pool water as we spent lazy summer days passing away the hours. But now that we're older it feels like a shock to the system to even put a toe in! If that is you then it's time to add a few solar panels to your roof or install a heat pump to warm the water!

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There is something wonderfully rejuvenating about the elegance of fish along with the relaxing and tranquil sounds of running water. Sometimes things can go wrong - a pump can fail, a leak can form, or water can become overgrown with algae. Let us help you  find your Zen and get your pond running.

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A beautiful pool is an asset and adds value to your property. It is the one feature that your family probably enjoys more than any other. No one really enjoys looking at or swimming in a run-down pool, so why not plunge into a good investment that will give you and your family pride and pleasure all year round.




A beautiful pool is only complete when it has the perfect paving surround coupled with some architectural cladding to complete the look. All our paving and cladding is done with a wide range of gorgeous organic-looking flagstones and copings which are naturally  non-slip, durable and will last for years.




Nothing says beauty, serenity and peace quite like a stunning swimming pool surrounded by a well-thought-out, immaculate garden. A garden that not only appeals to the senses but is also low-maintenance, water-wise and functional in attracting wildlife. All our gardens are indigenous and natural.