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Small Pools - Making the Most of Small Spaces

If you don’t have a large garden, fear not, you don’t have to give up on your poolside dreams. Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, and bigger isn’t necessarily better.

To make the most of the space you have, consider the unique advantages of installing a small pool:


A small pool offers a cozy space for relaxation, whether you’re swimming alone or with your special someone. You can tuck a smaller pool into a corner of your garden or adjacent to your patio, where you can accent the structure with exquisite architecture and landscaping features. Think indigenous flowers, a shade-giving umbrella, or a trickling rock fountain or water feature.

Beluga Tip: Water features like fountains and waterfalls will give your pool a refreshing aesthetic, and you don’t need a huge pool to incorporate them into your design.


Let your creativity take the helm when designing a smaller pool to make the most of your space. Smaller pools cost less, which means you’ll have more money left for luxury features.

Make your backyard a private resort with a small tile pool. A suspended bed with an all-weather mattress is the perfect place to bask in your personal paradise. A fire bowl centerpiece will warm you and your guests up on chilly nights.

Imagine relaxing in a palm-shaded chaise lounger while listening to the gentle fall of water over a vanishing edge in this comforting pool.

Install a fire feature or fire pit beside your pool for dramatic night swims. Connect your pool to your patio or deck with a series of in-water stone steps that serve both artistic form and useful function.

A small free form pool provides enough room to stretch out or get cozy with friends around a small table. Don’t forget your favourite and a seasonal fruit tray or a traditional braai.

If you’re looking for the intimacy and relaxation of a jacuzzi, but need a little extra room, combine the features of a jacuzzi and a pool to create a “pooluzzi”.

Beluga Tip: Working with limited budget? An above ground pool has a small footprint and lower price tag. Dress it up with custom-built decking and tropical plants.

A little creativity combined with a small stretch of garden can result in a beautiful oasis. As you lounge in the refreshing waters of your own private retreat, you’ll wonder why you ever doubted your little space's potential. After all, small gardens, like small children have have plenty of wonder to share.


You aren’t confined to lounging in a small pool. There are plenty of options available for the athletically inclined to make the most of a small space:

If you have a long, thin slice of land available, a lap pool will allow you to work on your freestyle stroke without the need for a natatorium.

No matter how big your space is, there is always potential for a pool around which to relax, refresh and revitalise.

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